Teach Your Puppy to Heel Without a Leash

One of my favorite exercises is heel. Heel is when the dog walks next to the handler (on either side), so that the dog’s shoulder is next to the handler’s leg. In this position the handler can turn left or right without tripping on the leash or stepping on the dog.

Although your dog must master heel on a short leash, then a longer line – before you ever go off lead in public, you can introduce your puppy or dog to heel in the backyard or house, without a leash! Here’s how.

Start with your puppy standing or sitting next to you, without a leash attached, in heel position. Say, “Let’s go”, and then take a step. When your puppy begins to walk, mark or click at that instant and then give your puppy a treat. (If you are not familiar with clicker training or markers, visit this page.)The idea is to mark the instant that rascal takes a step, and before he or she walks past you or off to the side.

Practice this one step several times until your puppy is looking at you, anticipating the marker.

Now, take two steps before you mark. Your puppy will walk right next to you. Then take three or four steps before you mark. Increase the number of steps as your puppy learn the game.

As you practice this around the house and in the yard, your puppy will naturally want to walk next to you, because that’s where the good stuff happens!

Alan J Turner – How’s Bentley Memphis

USA Canny Collar Dealer

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Canny Collar – Prerequisite for Goldendoodle Walk Nicely on Lead

goldendoodleOkay, I know it sounds silly. But before you can expect your 7 month Goldendoodle to walk nicely on a leash, shouldn’t she learn how to stand politely – while on lead? Dogs pull on walks because it works for them. They feel tension on their collar, they forge ahead.

So, tension on collar comes to means forge ahead?!  Yep, it does. Because you let your her drag you on walks, for the past few months, you have conditioned her to pull on lead.

If you want to change your dog’s pulling behaviors, you’ll need help.

You need a tool to help that turbo goldendoodle learn about loose lead walking. No worries. Head collars are one solution. Once your dog is walking nicely, you can use a REWARD SYSTEM to increase polite walking.

CannyEbayThe Canny Collar is the most gentle, and the easiest head collar to fit and to use. Just be sure to measure your dog’s neck before you order.


Click here to order your Canny Collar- the best no pull solution for your dog. All orders shipped via USPS Priority mail.

How’s Bentley – USA Canny Collar Dealer

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Stop Choking Your Dog on Walks! Be Nice.

ELLIEBUSHSometimes I see people walking their dogs on a leash. Sometimes I see the dogs and the people having a good time. Tails are wagging and people are smiling. Sometimes I see dogs choking and people jerking and yelling ‘NO”. I have never seen tails wagging and people smiling when the dog is pulling so hard, he or she is choking.  Enter the Canny Collar. Of all the no-pull devices, the Canny collar is the best choice for many dogs. It is easy to fit, and when used properly, will quickly guide your dog into walking nicely. Once that happens, pour on the praise! Teaching your dog to heel, will happen much quicker if you:


2) Reinforce the “nice walking” behavior with rewards. LEARN ABOUT REWARD SYSTEM BY CLICKING HERE.


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Buy Starmark Collar – USA – More Forgiving than Metal Pinch Collar for Dogs

It’s impossible to use a Canny collar on dogs that have flat faces. Brachycephalic dog breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terrier, and Shitzhu do not have enough of  a muzzle to fit a head collar. For these guys, I might suggest the Starmark collar for training them to heel.

For most beginner dog/people teams, the Starmark dog training collar is a much better choice than a metal pinch collar. The Starmark works on the same principle as a metal pinch or prong collar for dogs. When the leash is tight, the collar has a clamping effect that is uncomfortable. Unlike the metal prong collars, the Starmark cannot penetrate a dog’s skin. The prongs are plastic and not as pointed as the metal prongs. Beginners can use the Starmark without traumatizing their dogs!

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Footwork can Be Helpful when Teaching Golden Retrievers for AKC Obedience Competition Heel

GoldenRetrieverUSA Customers PURCHASE CANNY COLLAR For Less – $32.90 USD includes shipping.

Did you ever wonder how some Golden Retriever dogs seem to know when to start walking with their owners and when to stay in place, without any noticeable input from their owners?  This is especially true for people who compete in upper levels of AKC obedience competitions.

Here’s how you can teach any dog to walk with you, or stay in place, without using a verbal command. The dog must know heel, stay, and how to sit or stand next to you in heel position (dog’s shoulder is adjacent to your leg) before you can refine the signals for these commands.

Tip of the Week!

Always take your first step with the foot nearest to your Golden Retriever when you want your dog to walk with you. Take your first step with your foot farthest from your competition dog when you want the dog to stay while you walk away. At first, tell your dog to heel or stay, accordingly. After several practice sessions, your dog will watch your feet and know if you want her to heel or stay! This works for all breeds!

Alan J Turner – Canny Collar Supplier for USA

How’s Bentley – Dog Trainer in Memphis TN

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USA Customers PURCHASE CANNY COLLAR For Less – $32.90 USD includes shipping.

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Make Abrupt Turns when Teaching a Miniature Schnauzer Dog to Heel

mollyheeljpgUSA Customers PURCHASE Starmark Collar

Say, when teaching your dog to heel on leash, make frequent, abrupt turns, so that the dog learns to stay connected to you. Practice in a field or parking lot so your dog does not see a clear path. If you walk on a sidewalk, make “about face” turns.

In the picture, Molly a young AKC Miniature Schnauzer, is walking like a pro with her Starmark collar! Notice the shadow of the leash. The handler is not tugging or applying pressure because the dog is walking in position. Perfect!

My Dog Pulls – Tip of the Week:

Make abrupt turns when teaching your dog to heel.

Happy Training!

Alan J Turner – How’s Bentley – Memphis TN

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No Flexi Leads When Teaching German Shepherd Dogs to Walk Nicely on Leash

ElllieSoccerThis article is about the leash that attaches to the head collar, harness, or training collar, and how you can choose the best lead for your German Shepherd Dog.

There are many different lengths and types of leads. Some are for training and others are for exercise.

My favorite training lead is a 6 foot leather leash. I use a 10 foot nylon leash to walk Bentley, now that he is well trained.

I have 30 foot, 40 foot and 50 foot, nylon long lines that I use for distance training.

Another popular lead is a retractable lead. These retractable leads are 12-25 feet long and retract into a bulky handle. People refer to all retractable leads as flexis although Flexi is really a brand of retractable leads.

The retractable lead makes it possible for the dog to walk anywhere within the maximum length of the line. The dog is rarely beside her or her people. Retractable leads are most often used by people who want to allow their dogs the freedom to walk on a loose lead. Loose lead walking is when the dog is not tugging but not necessarily walking next to the person. When the dog is on a retractable leash, 15 feet away, the owner is out of sight out of mind. That’s why I believe that loose lead walking is much more difficult to teach than heel.

Heel is when the dog walks at the owner’s side, the dog’s shoulder is adjacent to the person’s leg. When a dog is in heel position, you can turn left or right and the dog will see you turning and turn with you. The dog is visually connected to the owner when heeling.

German Shepherd Dogs are herding dogs. They understand how to guide livestock by using their bodies. They turn the livestock by occupying the space around the livestock. German Shepherds understand the connection that is created when walking next to another animal. They quickly learn to yield when you turn towards them. They understand how to follow you when you turn away from them.

My Dog Pulls – Tip of the week – use a 4 or 6 foot lead when teaching German Shepherd Dogs or any other herding breeds to walk nicely on lead! It wouldn’t hurt to teach all breeds of dogs to heel before you venture into loose lead walking.

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Labrador Retriever Pulls on Walks

Chocolate Lab

USA Customers PURCHASE CANNY COLLARS CLICK HERE – $32.90 USD includes shipping.

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Hershey is a good looking, well mannered chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Hi, I am Alan J Turner and I own and operate How’s Bentley in Memphis TN. I work with labrador retrievers every week. Like most breeds, chocolate, yellow, and black lab puppies and dogs will pull and pull until you teach them to walk nicely on a loose lead! Those rascals are always ready to play!

People naturally want to walk their puppies and dogs, but the people (and the puppies and dogs) are not quite sure how to have a brisk, relaxing walk. The canine companions pull and the people tug and yell! YIKES! NOT FUN! You can see why one of my clients’ top concerns is dogs that pull on walks.

On this site, you can shop for and purchase the Canny Collar, a “no fit”, easy-to-use head collar solution for puppies and dogs that pull on leashes during walks.

Say, before you can teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash, it’s best to start with basic obedience commands such as sit, here, down, et cetera. Teaching your dog obedience commands will prepare your dog to be the student and you to be the teacher!

Need instructions to teach your puppy or dog basic obedience via a reward system? Please click here to purchase A Jump Start, Puppy and Dog Training for Thinkers! ($4.95 US Dollars).

Canny CollarUnlike other head collars, the canny collar is very easy to fit and to use. Just make sure you order the correct size!



Alan J Turner

Companion Animal Behavior Counselor & Trainer, Canine Specialization

How’s Bentley – Private services and group dog obedience courses – Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett, Cordova, Piperton, Arlington, and Fayette County TN

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